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Felix Tapiwa Mhona

Felix Tapiwa Mhona

Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Republic of Zimbabwe

Honourable Advocate Felix Tapiwa Mhona is the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development and Member of Parliament of the Republic of Zimbabwe. He is a lawyer, logistician, banker, and politician with vast experience in corporate finance, project management and business administration. His mix of transdisciplinary credentials as a lawyer, banker, and logistician, leveraged by his dynamic stewardship of the Transport and Transport Infrastructure public policy environment, under the Republic of Zimbabwe’s new dispensation, led by His Excellency, President Dr, ED Mnangagwa, has unlocked value for aviation developments in Zimbabwe. His flair for strengthening the utility of aviation to advance international cooperation, economic diplomacy and tourism has endeared him with various actors within the framework of the work of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Zimbabwe. He has of late been pushing for ratification of various bilateral and multilateral aviation agreements to which Zimbabwe is party to. He shares a robust vision for a connected world, predicated upon seamless, intermodal modes of mobility, with aviation as an integral component of such aspirations.

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