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Laurent Boisson

Laurent Boisson

Head of External Affairs, Corporate Affairs, Airbus

Laurent Boisson works at Airbus Corporate Affairs, whose mission is to explain Airbus innovation ambition to Regulators, Policy Makers, Airports, Air Navigation providers and anticipate future regulation & standards to support the deployment of new technologies. Corporate Affairs also manages the Airbus implication into international cooperation projects that allow different regions of the world to develop their aviation ecosystem and be prepared to operate new technologies. This activity requires establishing a constant relationship with ICAO, Civil Aviation Authorities, Standardisation Development Organisations, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports and Airlines as well as industry associations such as ATAG, IATA, ACI, CANSO, ASD, ICCAIA among others. Key topics we address are Airport & Airspace capacity growth, new ways of flying with Urban Air Mobility, Autonomous flying, formation flights, Traffic Flow Management & Time Based Operations, Continuous Descent Approaches, Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures, Aircraft connectivity,
Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Digital & Big Data solutions and of course reducing Aviation impact on climate. It is of paramount importance as an Aircraft manufacturer to go beyond our role of aircraft designer and bring our contribution to Capacity & Environmental challenges our industry is facing in working on collaborative solutions.

Laurent Boisson Started his career at Airbus in 1992, joining the Engineering Division to work on configuration management solutions for Aircraft and later as a customer Engineer to define jointly with Airlines their aircraft specification before launch of production. He then moved on to business development activities starting with Airlines contracts management, and then to Aircraft sales campaigns as Airline Marketing Director for the Central & Northern Europe region.

Laurent is graduated from the French ENAC “Ecole Nationale de L’Aviation Civile” and holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanics Engineering from “Université Pierre et Marie Curie” of Paris. He is the father of a 26 years old son.

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