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Naif Ali Al-Abri

Naif Ali Al-Abri

President, Civil Aviation Authority, Oman

A holder of Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering degree and an MBA from UK universities and a graduate of the Nationals CEOs program (IMD, Switzerland).

Worked for over nine years with the national airline (Oman Air) in a competitive engineering environment with multinational team to achieve the company’s mission of providing a safe and cost effective operation which was a great fostering experience.

Furthermore, worked with Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) as a Director of Projects Development to lead the Projects Development team, which is considered one of the core departments in OPWP, that manages the procurement of all new power and water desalination projects for the country through a full private sector participation.

Furthermore, for 18 months , he had led Transom Handling, as an Executive Director, which is a large ground handling organization that undergone a transformation program to ensure its competitiveness and sustainability in the face of competition.

He has been the Acting CEO of TRANSOM group of companies (5 aviation services companies) which he had successfully led a 100 days program. With the government decision of restructuring the aviation sector in Oman, he was tasked to lead the restructuring team to ensure all necessary plans are designed and executed to achieve the set outcomes.

Additionally, he had been seconded to Oman Investment Authority (OIA) as Synergies Director under the RAWABET program in order to lead a team that will explore various opportunities of synergies between government companies under OIA.

Effective 1st August 2021, he had been appointed by His Majesty The Sultan of Oman as President of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Oman until date.

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