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Prosper Zo'o Minto'o

Prosper Zo'o Minto'o

Regional Director, Western and Central African (WACAF) Office, ICAO

Mr. Prosper Zo’o Minto’o is the ICAO Regional Director for Western and Central African Office since September 2019.

A Gabonese citizen, he has been serving the international civil aviation community for 37 years at various senior technical and managerial positions, such as Technical Officer and Deputy Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa (Kenya) (2010/2016) and for Western and Central Africa (Senegal) (1999/2008 and 2016/2019), IATA Deputy Regional Director, Safety, Operations and Infrastructure, AFI (South Africa, 2008/2010), ASECNA, Senior Executive (Gabon Representation and Headquarters in Senegal) (1986/1999)..

Mr. Zo’o Minto’o has actively been involved in major global and regional programmes aimed at advancing the implementation of the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, Policies and Strategic Objectives including Aviation Safety, Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency, Aviation Security and Facilitation, and Economic Development of Air Transport in Africa.

Currently, he is the Secretary to the ICAO Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa (AFI Plan), the Secretary to the APIRG after being Secretary to the RASG-AFI, and Secretary to the Interregional Group for the Improvement of Air Traffic Services over the South Atlantic (SAT).

Mr. Zo’o Minto’o is an ICAO Certified Auditor under the USOAP-CMA and an Integrated Safety Management Instructor.

Following his studies at the National Advanced Engineering School (ENSIL, Libreville, Gabon), the National Institute for Applied Sciences and the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (INSA and ENAC, Toulouse, France), he holds a Licence Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies (1981), an Engineering Degree in Electronics Applications (1983) and an Engineering Degree in Civil Aviation (1985). He also holds a Private Pilot Licence.

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