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Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu

Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu

Minister of Transport, Republic of Angola

Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu, 52, completed a Degree in Economics at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, Portugal. He became a Master, MBA – Master’s in Business Administration, from the University of Bath, having defended the thesis “The opportunities of the hydrocarbon sector in Sub-Saharan Africa”. In 1997, he was part of the founding team of the first Angolan private bank, the current one, BAI – Banco Angolano de Investimentos, having performed various functions of Directorate and Coordination. In 2006 he was co-founder of BNI – Banco de Negócios Internacional, where he served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2008, he was a member of THE Setting up Committee of the Angola Sovereign Fund and a member of the Technical Support Group for the Council of Ministers. In 2009, he was appointed Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Angola with responsibility for the areas of Monetary Policy, Economic Studies, Statistics, Organizational Development, Information Technologies, Payments System and coordination of policies with the Government, coordination and leadership of the process of establishing the legal and regulatory framework in matters of preventing and combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, culminating with the creation of the FIU – Angolan Financial Intelligence Unit, interacting with the different national and international authorities, having left office in February 2015.

After leaving the BNA in 2015, in addition to teaching postgraduate courses at the Catholic University of Porto, on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial System and on the MBA Atlântico course, he served as Consultant to the Minister of Finance in the areas of Macroeconomic Management and Development of the Financial System, participating in the inaugural issue of Angolan sovereign bonds in the international market, and Vice-Chairman of the Board of the BODIVA – Angola Stock Exchange and Derivatives General Assembly, as well as in the creation of the CNEF-National Financial Stability Council.

In early 2017, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Banco de Poupança e Crédito, the largest Angolan public bank, and in November of that same year he was invited and appointed to the position of Advisor to the President of the Republic for Economic Affairs. He currently holds the role of Minister of Transport, a position to which he was appointed since 20 June 2018.

Practices Sports, founding member of the Angolan Golf Federation, in which he exercises the role of Vice President of the Board of the General Assembly, as well as equivalent functions held in the Skate Hockey Federation. Reading, Music and Art are his favorite hobbies.

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